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Golden Nuggets: Pac-12 Bowl Projections--This Could Get Complicated

We are all thrilled that the Bears are bowl eligible, but determining where the Bears will end up is no easy task.  While bowl projections have been somewhat straightforward in the past, this year we have a new wrinkle:  bowls do not have to send invitations based on the final conference standings.

Assuming no radical changes of form during the rest of the season, including Oregon beating USC, it's likely that the Pac-12 will end up with two BCS teams – Oregon and Stanford. Most projections have those teams currently lined up to play in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

That leaves Washington, Arizona State, Utah, Cal, and possibly UCLA to battle over the Valero Alamo, Bridgeport Education Holiday, Hyundai Sun, MAACO Las Vegas, and Kraft Fight Hunger Bowls. The Pac-12 won't have any other bowl-eligible teams, if it were able to, then the New Mexico Bowl would come into play.
The early speculation is that the Alamo Bowl will choose Washington or Arizona State, with the Holiday Bowl getting the other team. One has to think that the Holiday Bowl will hope to get Arizona State, since it hosted Washington the previous year.
That would leave the Sun, Las Vegas, and Fight Hunger Bowl for Utah, Cal, and UCLA.

Though it is Cal's most likely destination an Emerald Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (I still hate that name) would conflict with the Cal-UCLA basketball game, which is a whole other set of issues.  Check out the article to read about how that might be resolved.  Finally, here's a collection of projections from all over the sports universe.

  Schlabach Edwards Palm Mandel CFN
Stanford Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta
Oregon Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose
Arizona St. Sun Alamo Sun Holiday Alamo
Cal Fight Hunger Las Vegas Fight Hunger Fight Hunger Sun
UCLA Las Vegas Fight Hunger Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas
Utah Holiday Sun Holiday Sun Fight Hunger
Washington Alamo Holiday Alamo Alamo Holiday

After the jump Tedford and Shaw get together for the Big Game Luncheon, Keenan Allen becomes a Biletnikoff finalist, and the Bears open as 20-point underdogs.