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Golden Nuggets: Sofele, Anderson Run Wild on the Beavers

If you have not yet filled out a report card for yesterday's game, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

The big focus at yesterday's post-game press conference was the running game, which has piled up almost 600 yards over the past two games.  Here's what Tedford had to say about the Cal ground game.

On Cal's running game:

"(The running emphasis) just evolved, knowing which teams we play and staying balanced. When you are successful running the ball, it makes it a lot easier staying with it. We have had a lot of success over the last couple weeks. Isi (Sofele) is running really hard. He and C.J. (Anderson) have matured through the season. Staying balanced is a big part of the game plan."

On RB C.J. Anderson:
"The plan going in was to use both Isi and C.J. I thought C.J. played really well. He has hung in there and learned over the course of the year."

On Cal's holding penalties:
"We do not accept that (as part of the running game). We will have to look at the tape and see where the penalties occurred. We'll learn from them. In a closer game, three touchdowns being called back would be devastating; we need to correct it. If you take out the penalties, I think the offensive line did a really good job." 

You have to love CJ's second quote here:

On the play of the O-line:

"They outmanned them. They played more physical. We talked about it all week. This was going to be a physical game. We had the mindset that we needed to run with violence and run-block with violence, and that's what we came out and did. We were very successful at it. Maybe we got a little too violent with the penalties, but we'll clean that up and continue to go on."

On having two touchdowns called back:
"It's all right. The win was good. The bowl eligibility is better. We got the bowl game so we have more games to play. We've got Big Game next week, so I'll just head in and get my touchdowns in that game." 

After the jump Calvin gets his first career TD, Monty opens basketball season with a win, and volleyball earns a crucial pair of victories in Washington.