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CGB Top 25 - Week 10

Hey look, it's 25 teams who have better football teams than Cal!  And we've ranked them!  Enjoy!  Some thoughts after the jump.

The 'Furd extend their nation-best winning streak, but we drop them anyway.  Because they took 3OT to beat USC?  Nah, I was just tired of having them in the top 3.  If LSU/'Bama is close, it may stay that way.

Kansas State is absolutely carpet-bombed by Oklahoma, yet we only drop them two places.  What?  Well, the total points between places 10 (67) and 11 (51) is huge.  Lots of flawed résumés out there.

Who has Virginia Tech beaten?  Or South Carolina?  Heck, Houston has one soft slate out there, but they're absolutely bombing everyone right now (averaging over 50pts per game), so that gets them a decent ranking.



And that's all we've got this week.  Everyone was so depressed from this weekend's football massacre that no one submitted any additional thoughts with their ballots.  And I don't blame them ... I've got one foot in basketball season already.