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Cal at Oregon Post Game Open Thread: 2nd Half Implosion

It was that kind of night in Eugene.
It was that kind of night in Eugene.

NorCalNick: The first half was a mini-replay of last year's ugly defensive slog, and it ended with the Bears clinging to a one point lead after an inspired defensive performance.  But anything positive that happened in the first half very much didn't happen in the second half.  Oregon ripped off four consecutive touchdowns en route to a 43-15 victory.  And worst of all, Oregon all-american LaMichael James picked up what looks to be a serious arm injury, ensuring that nobody went home happy.

And the number one trend that I wanted to see end has been continued. Cal has been blown out again.

Ohio Bear will have a longer recap early tomorrow morning.  For now, here's your chance to discuss all of the positives in the first half, all of the negatives in the second half, and how much you hate ESPN's Thursday night broadcast crew.  Please keep things civil so that the Hit Squad will only have one ugly spectacle to deal with.

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Fill in your report card after the jump.