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Cal Football White Helmets Rumored To Debut Vs. Oregon

Are we finally going all-white? <a href=""></a>
Are we finally going all-white?

So the Oregon Ducks are making a fashion statement on Thursday. Makes sense that the California Golden Bears would respond in kind.

A Cal football player posted a photo that you can see above on the Twitters wearing that white helmet we've been anticipating (and some of you have been dreading), and it's made its way along the Internet grapevine to CGB. Since it would make sense for football players to be carrying the helmets they'd be wearing this week for this game, it seems like the logical conclusion to presume the white helmets are making their debut in a few nights. (Unless they're teasing us and are going to wear them against USC with the gold unis, providing us with a uniform combination that would probably violate several articles of the Geneva Convention.)

From a marketing standpoint, I like that Cal will try out the stormtrooper look against Oregon, considering Oregon is the trendsetter for the all-white look. It's a national TV game on ESPN, so it'd be nice to try out something new without going hideously over the top. It'll get recruits and current players excited, which is really what this is all about.

This could be the most meaningful game for the Bears all season, so why not try something new? We debuted the golds against Oregon 2006, and special things happened. Maybe white helmet is the golden idol we've needed to worship all along.

If we're wrong about this rumor, cross out most of what we said and pretend we wanted you to watch this instead.

Are you guys ready for the all-white look? Let us know in the comments!

(Thanks to cruzer322 on Twitter for sending us this photo.)