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CGB Top 25 - Week 6

Wisconsin beats down on Nebraska in the Husker's Big Ten debut, by almost the same score (48-17) as the Badgers beat Mountain West bottom feeder UNLV (51-17).  [The same UNLV team, BTW, just lost 41-16, at home, to I-AA Southern Utah.]  As a consequence, Wisky makes our Top 3, while Nebraska plummets.  Elsewhere, Clemson beats its third straight ranked team to vault into the Top 5...which means they should be primed to do something silly, like lose to Boston College or Maryland (who have a grand total of one win over a I-A team between them this year).

More thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Norcalnick:  As much as I don't want to do so, Texas is barely in my rankings.  I mean, if I'm ranking two loss teams it's hard to keep the Longhorns out when they have three wins over halfway decent teams.  But yeah, where they are in the mainstream polls [11th] is absurd.

Berkelium97:  I still refuse to rank Texas.

I ranked Washington State (25th) because they earned a tough victory on the road.  It’s not like the 20th-25th spots mean anything this week anyway.

ragnarok:  I guess..I mean, they did lose to San Diego State, though...

Berkelium97:  I feel like I should drop Stanford (8th) a few spots for playing such light schedule, but I cannot find anyone worthy to add into the top ten.

Norcalnick:  Stanford is falling because of a weak schedule, but they'll get their chance to prove themselves eventually.  But teams with better wins (Clemson, Okie St., etc.) move ahead.

Berkelium97:  Washington (18th) makes its debut in the poll.  If they keep playing like this, they will pose a serious challenge to Stanford for 2nd in the North.

ragnarok:  Yeah, UW surprised me with their win over Utah.  I really thought the Utes would comport themselves better.  And, OK, it's a little odd that the Huskies are above Nebraska, but if you watched last week's games, which team looked better?

Berkelium97:  USC drops out the rankings for not playing any defense for the second week in a row (and having a weak schedule).

After watching that Illinois-Northwestern game, I just cannot convince myself to rank the Illini.

ragnarok:  Which is why the Illini appear below Arizona State on this ballot as well.  Maybe the fact that both games were played in Big 10 country justifies it some?  Maybe we're all west coast homers.

Norcalnick:  Two teams with nothing on their resume faced solid oppositions.  Arkansas won, and thus rose from unranked into the teens on my ballot.  Meanwhile, Virginia Tech is still unranked because they've lost to the only real team on their schedule.

Berkelium97:  Playing for three brilliant quarters and slacking off in the fourth is going to cost Georgia Tech (10th) a game or two this year, but until then they continue to ride that triple option up the poll.

Norcalnick:  I don't know what to do with West Virginia.  They played LSU closer than the final score indicated, but they haven't been all that great in their other games.  And there's not anything left on their schedule that will tell us much, especially after South Florida went down in flames (LOL BIG EAST).

Berkelium97:  I had South Carolina (23rd) as a top-8 team earlier this season...and then Stephen Garcia started to channel his inner Brock Mansion.  They take a huge hit after a loss to Auburn.

Norcalnick:  Baylor falls both because they lost but also because that TCU win isn't looking to great any more.

ragnarok:  Yeah, a double whammy.  That's the problem with being ranked based on just one win.  Fortunately, the Bears will get several more chances to prove themselves, which is more than you can say for some other teams with big dreams and light schedules (Boise State, Houston).