Dear Sandy,

It has been a tough year for many Bear fans, myself included.  I am sure you are aware of the fanbase's acrimonious response to last Saturday's extraordinarily disappointing loss to what was perceived as a very weak Bruin team.  Many immediately have sought shelter in scapegoating our head coach, with the knee-jerk response of "Fire Tedford," assuming that firing a head coach will instantaneously solve the team's problems in the same way that a manager of Starbucks might turn his store around by firing a bad barista.  I think hiring and firing coaches does not work this way.

Moreover, given the dozens of inputs and outputs, vagaries, and plain luck involved in winning a football game, I've always found it curious that a fanbase immediately gravitates towards firing the person with singularly the most knowledge of the football program than anyone else.  To me, it would be like finding out a dear friend of mine is sick and in the hospital and immediately calling out "FIRE THE DOCTOR!"  It seems silly to me.

The last football game aside, looking at the last ten years of Cal athletics, I find myself astonished at the overall success of the entire program, largely under your tenure, in many of our NCAA sports.  Normally this would be accomplishment in and of itself, but in the context of the incredibly challenging climate for simply running a 27-sport athletic department at a public university in the state of California, the final result is truly mind boggling. Volleyball continues to rise, women's basketball had several fantastic seasons, men's basketball won their first championship in decades, swimming and diving continues to spit out olympic-caliber athletes like a Pez dispenser.  Even Cal baseball, so close to termination, defied all odds by qualifying for the college world series.

Against a backdrop of unprecedented and debilitating budget cuts, massive campus-wide construction, the tree-sitter horror-dramedy, and the funding and construction of the SAHPC as well as new Memorial Stadium, the aforementioned accomplishments only seem that much more impressive and a testament to the program-wide skill of our coaches and, especially, our student athletes.

Given this, I just want to say that as long as I live within driving distance of Berkeley I will be at all the home football games (as I have been since I was a student starting in '03), yelling for our Golden Bears, and frankly I don't care who our coach is.  I fully support you and your past, present, and future leadership of our athletic department.  Thank you for your tremendous work.

-Spazzimus Desidus Aurelius McGee III


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