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Golden Nuggets: Zach Maynard's Turnovers Open the Door for Allan Bridgford?

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After costing the Bears another game due to a five-turnover performance, Zach Maynard is not secure in his role as starting quarterback.  When Tedford has previously been asked if Maynard is the right QB for the Bears, he expressed hope that Maynard would pick things up and improve.  Yesterday he was straightforward and concise in his response to a question about changing QBs.

On Zach Maynard's Performance

"It was a tough day. We know we can't win games by turning the ball over. He missed on a couple overthrows, and that cost us at crucial times. We had really poor field position in the first half. You have to be accurate. He has to be at the right place with the ball. He made some good plays, but the turnovers killed us."

On the Possibility of Changing Quarterbacks

"We'll see. We'll look at the tape and make a determination with that."

On Offensive Problems

"We just couldn't get into a flow. We were backed up [in our end of the field] the whole first half. We weren't consistent enough moving the ball down the field and putting together long drives. We'd have some periods of doing some things well, but we weren't consistent at moving it down the field."
On the Rest of the Season

"We are 4-4 and still have a lot of football left. By no means are we going to fold the tent and say that the season is over. Don't be ridiculous. We aren't going to do that. We are going to go back to work. We took a step back today. We didn't play like we need to play, but I have confidence in the team that we'll come back and have great work ethic and get ready to play next week."

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