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Mike Montgomery Had Bladder Cancer Surgery, All Clear Now

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Apparently that surgery for our head honcho of hoops was a little bit more serious than we thought.

#Cal HC Mike Montgomery explains health issue: high grade bladder cancer diagnosed a month ago, polyp was removed, he's now all clear.
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Monty has no limitations, physically. Just taking things carefully.
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Dr. to Montgomery when they found the polyp: 3 months ago we wouldn’t have found this, six months from now, you’d be gone
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"We didn't have a lot of parties around the house," Montgomery said of the time between the diagnosis and the surgery.
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Montgomery intends to resume coaching the team again full time next week. "Much to the players' chagrin," he jokes.
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Scary stuff, but it's good to see that things worked out for the best for Monty. And it doens't look as if the head coach has lost any of his spry sense of humor, so I doubt that he's missing a beat. It seems the cancer was caught early enough that he never really experienced any of the serious symptoms of the disease, and he appears like he's ready to get to work. 

Anyway, this is as good a time as ever to give your best wishes to Monty as he prepares for what could be a big season on the hardwood for the Golden Bears.  Send letters or emails of appreciation (contact info through the Cal Athletics staff directory) or say hi to him at the open practice this Sunday! Show the love for Monty!