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CGB Top 25 - Week 9

Furd at #3.  It sickens me.  I hope it sickens you.  Feeble justifications after the jump.

Norcalnick:  Sigh.  Furd at 3.  At a certain point, completely blowing up every team you face becomes equally valuable, if not more valuable, than a top-notch strength of schedule.  They really benefit from Wisconsin and Oklahoma losing, and unlike Clemson and Oklahoma St. they haven't been threatened yet.

Berkelium97:  I expected UW-Stanford to be a close game, as it was the first real test the Cardinal defense faced.  I was not overly concerned about Stanford until now, but they might be the real deal.  I would be very nervous if I were an Oregon fan.

Clemson (3) enters the top-3 because I have been extremely impressed with their performances over good team s this year.  Their defense has to be more consistent, however.

ragnarok:  Indeed, I watched a fair amount of Clemson football on Saturday, and their pass defense of North Carolina certainly left something to be desired.  When they eventually go splat, that will probably be the reason why.

Norcalnick:  I'm keeping Wisconsin above Michigan St. for now.  Yesterday's game it a classic example of one game that doesn't definitively tell you which team is truly better.  Michigan St. had home field advantage and still needed an insane, random play to break a tie after 59:56 minute of gametime.

Berkelium97:  Oklahoma (14) takes a bigger hit than Wisconsin (8) because Michigan St (10) is a solid team and the Oklahoma offense has looked shaky over the past two weeks (don’t be deceived by that 47-17 win over Kansas—that was not decided until halfway through the 4th).

Norcalnick:  Texas Tech's win over Oklahoma makes it very, very difficult to organize the Big 12 teams amongst each other, let alone around the rest of the nation.  I dropped Oklahoma behind both A&M and Tech because upon further review their resume is weaker than you'd think.  Florida St. isn't what we thought they were and Oklahoma hasn't beaten any of the top teams in the Big 12 yet.  Right now Texas Tech's road win trumps two losses over excellent teams.

ragnarok:  Personally, I'm still skeptical of unbeaten Kansas State.  Yes, they brought the wood against Kansas, but they haven't played any of the Big 12 heavies yet, and I don't see them going better than 2-2 over their next 4 games.

Berkelium97:  Boise State (6) has begun its annual slide down the polls thanks to that Mountain West schedule.  They’d fall more if several top-10 teams did not turn in sub-par performances.

Virginia Tech (15) has scored 10 points in the first quarter over the past four games…but they keep winning.  Not sure what to do with them.

Norcalnick:  I begrudgingly rank Penn St. and Cincinnati for lack of better choices.  West Virginia?  You don't get blown out by Syracuse and stay ranked.

ragnarok:  I, too, struggled to find 25 teams to list.  Heck, I even ended up with Southern Miss at the end of my ballot!

Berkelium97:  Washington (25) stays in the poll, because trying to fill out the 20s is still like drawing names from a hat.