Can't We All Just Get Along?

Two years ago, a young and naïve TwistNHook attempted to overthrow ATQ North. There was a lot of carnage, many Marshawn Lynch and Cam Colvin pictures, some name calling and Sanchez's thrown around, and in the end Ed Dickson built a house in the Autzen endzone and ATQ South has been forced to live there ever since.


Unfortunately, I feel like our little empire is starting to crack. You tried to secede from the union when the Pac 12 expansion happened. You wanted to call yourselves Southerners and associate with the likes of Kiffin's and Nueheisel's to get out from under our rule. Thankfully, the Great Emperor Larry Scott, was able to negotiate a peace accord keeping you firmly under our control and even though you get to come out of the Dickson house and go play with your Southern friends one more time a year, you were still unwillingly held captive there.


Last year, even as your team tried to bring national attention and awareness to the dangers of dehydration neither of our sides could get along. Your team was just trying to be the little pink ribbon of incurable leg cramps. In the end it was more deleted comments, warnings and bans.


This is what happens when you occupy an enemy territory for too long. Eventually the population grows tired of their tyrannical leaders, and like the insurgents of Libya they form a rebellion and fight back.


So before more blood is shed, and pictures of bears doing unsavory things are posted I'm here to offer peace. Let's bury the hatchet (I would have said Axe, but unfortunately Stanford's owned that for a little while). Let this fanpost be the olive branch between our two sides.


Hopefully this Thursday won't include any putting of the letter U in places where they don't belong, like in Tedfurd. Hopefully, Oregon's maintenance department will make sure there are plenty of fluids available in the visiting team locker room. Even as Oregon dons yet another trend setting and spectacularly awesome uniform combination, there won't be any "Beast Modes." We can tell Ed Dickson "Tear down these walls you built in the endzone." You CGBers shall have your freedom.


Free at last, free at last, thank God CGB is free at last.

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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