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Golden Nuggets: Don't Give Up Just Yet, Cal Fans

You know things have gone south when we have to turn to Jon Wilner for some optimism.  He makes a good point, however.  No Pac-12 team has faced a tougher set of conference games so far than the Bears.  Thankfully, things ease up over the next month.

Up next is Utah, struggling with the transition to the Pac-12 and without its injured starting quarterback.

Then comes UCLA, which has quarterback problems of its own and barely beat Washington State at home.

Then comes Washington State, which, although improved, remains a second-tier team.

Then comes Oregon State, which just won its first game and is breaking in a freshman quarterback.

That's four games that Cal could, and perhaps should, win.

The Bears defense is certainly playing well enough to win all four, and it won't take the offense much work to reach that point, as well: Just cut out the bad decisions and dumb mistakes. Maynard doesn't have to be flawless; he merely has to be decent.

Even if the Bears take only three of their next four, they would be 6-4 overall -- assured of a bowl bid before stepping foot in Stanford Stadium and visiting Arizona State in the finale.

Angry, frustrated and anxious Cal fans should take a deep breath: It will get better soon.

After the jump volleyball topples the second-ranked Huskies and Zach Kline continues to show that the future is bright for Cal at quarterback.