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College Football Week Seven Nightcap: Saturday Late Afternoon and Evening Games Open Thread

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Week Seven of the college football season winds down with the Saturday late afternoon and night kickoffs.  Click here for a full schedule of today's games.  

Games to keep an eye on:

  • Stanford at Washington State (Versus): Is there a Curse of the Palouse that can reach out and bite the Cardinal?  
  • Arizona State and Oregon (ESPN):  This is a biggie in the Pac-12.  
  • Clemson at Maryland (ESPNU): Clemson will try not to stare at Maryland's uniforms as the Tigers try to remain unbeaten.  
  • Oklahoma at Kansas (ESPN2):  You like points?  Oklahoma scores lots.  Kansas yields lots.  Get out your abacus.  


After the jump, see a handy dandy table of all of tonight's televised games.  

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Alabama at Ole Miss   6:00 PM
Boise St. at Colorado St.     6:00 PM
Yale at Lafayette   6:00 PM
Florida at Auburn   7:00 PM
Kansas St. at Texas Tech FSN Affiliates   7:00 PM
Clemson at Maryland     7:00 PM
Northwestern at Iowa BTN2Go   7:00 PM
Georgia at Vanderbilt
FSN Affiliates

Blackout Map

DirecTV 792

Dish Network 463
7:00 PM
UL-Monroe at Troy
Blackout Map

DirecTV 788

Dish Network 462
7:00 PM
Missouri St. at North Dakota St.   7:00 PM
East Carolina at Memphis   7:00 PM
Northern Colorado at Eastern Washington Big Sky TV   7:00 PM
Stanford at Washington St.     7:30 PM
UAB at Tulsa     8:00 PM
Idaho at New Mexico St.

DirecTV 789

Dish Network 457
8:00 PM
Southern Utah at Cal-Poly   9:00 PM
Oklahoma at Kansas   9:15 PM
Arizona St. at Oregon   10:15 PM