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Golden Nuggets: Cal-USC Score Predictions

Long ago are the days when the Cal-USC matchup brought national attention and interest, as it played a big role in determining who takes the conference crown.  As a result, we a shortage of predictions for tomorrow's game.

Of course, tomorrow morning the Ted Millers, Jon Wilners, and Phil Steeles of the world will issue their predictions, so check back tomorrow morning for updates.

USC 35, California 28: Don't expect 42-zip after one half, obviously, but Matt Barkley to Robert Woods will be tough for the Bears to stop.

USC (minus-3) at CAL (Thursday): During USC’s seven-game winning streak, only the 2004 classic was decided by less than a touchdown. I like the over (58) much more than I like either team to cover. Pick: USC.

    After the jump Stefan McClure prepares to start against Robert Woods, Spencer Ladner finally returns to practice, and Tedford gets a new bed in his new office.



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