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Cal Football "Block C" White Helmets Rumored For USC Game

More white helmets! More white helmets!

Ryan Maquiñana of Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area let us know of this development through his sources in the Athletic Department via Twitter.

We have no official confirmation, but this is the rumored look.


This time instead of the regular Cal script adorned on the side, we're going to get the Block C, most likely to commemorate Joe Roth in this year's Memorial Game versus USC. Simple and fresh. I'm not sure if we're bringing back the old school retro Joe Roth unis too, but the helmet looks like it'll be the one regardless.

Now the big question: How well with it match with the uniforms?

I think if you go white helmet at home, you have to go white pants too. Going all-blue would just look strange in contrast. All-golds would give us an of what UC Santa Cruz would look like if they played football. And a blue/gold combination would be absolutely horrifying. Here's what happened the last time we sported three different colors in the game.


This is not a coincidence. This is science.

Here's the scheme that I think would look the freshest. Swamphunter concocted this one on TeamBuilder on NCAA12.


Has a Penn State sort of feel to it. Classy and understated.


We could also go gold. Georgia Tech is the closest thing I could find to that color scheme, although we'd obviously be a little more yellow than that.


There are many ways to do this right, and many ways to do this wrong. After the popping all-white look the Bears displayed against Oregon, I'm looking forward to see what shows up on the field Thursday.