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CGB Top 25 - Week 7

Oklahoma absolutely crushes Texas, but all that gets them is our poll is a slight bump past Wisconsin to No. 3.  Otherwise, our Top 8 remains unchanged, and the rest of our poll is almost as unexciting -- aside from a couple of reëvaluations, most of the movement can be chalked up to entropy.  Thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Berkelium97 (has a differing opinion on the Top 3):  1.2.3 stays the same with LSU, Alabama, and Wisconsin.  I give Wisconsin's resume a narrow edge over Oklahoma's.  I'd give Oklahoma more credit for their win over 11th ranked Texas if Texas actually deserved a ranking, let alone a ranking of 11.

Over the past several weeks, I've shaken up my ballot based on the week's results.  There wasn't much this week that caused me to change my ballot too much.  Next week doesn't look like it will have much impact either, as most of the top-10 plays teams they should defeat with ease.

Norcalnick:  They've done it quietly, but Kansas St.'s resume stacks up pretty favorably against many other teams in the top 10.  Wins over Baylor, Missouri and Miami are better than man other teams can boast against any three teams.  They take a big jump into my top10.

ragnarok:  Yeah, Kansas State's résumé demands another look.  I haven't seen more than a couple drives of Wildcat football, so I can't say if they're for real, though.  If they can get past Texas Tech this weekend, they should be good to get to 7-0 before facing Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas in four consecutive weeks.  We shall see.

Norcalnick:  Boise St., Stanford and Oregon continue to fall as other teams pick up better wins than any of the three have yet earned.  As I've said before, Stanford and Oregon will both eventually get chances to prove themselves.  Boise St. . . . not so much.  Air Force, TCU and San Diego St. have all played very, very poorly, and Boise St.'s strength of schedule will be just as weak (or perhaps weaker!) than usual.  They really need an invitation to join the Big 12.

Berkelium97:  Picking 1-19 is getting easier.  My picks for 20-25 are basically draws out of a hat.

Norcalnick:  I stuck Washington at 19 and really didn't want to add anybody else to the poll after that.  The AP and coaches still rank South Carolina, Texas, Virginia Tech and Michigan St. well ahead of their actual, on-field accomplishments.

ragnarok:  Any other thoughts?  We're ranking 5 Pac-12 teams right now...can we get to 6?

Berkelium97:  If Cal manages to defeat USC, they'll be in a good position to make a future debut in my ballot thanks to their relatively light schedule for the next month...