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College Football Week Five: Late Afternoon and Evening Games Open Thread

Another long day of college football winds down. But before it does, we have a full slate of late afternoon and evening action. And there are definitely some games of interest to Cal fans:

  • Washington at Utah: The Utes play their first Pac-12 home game
  • UCLA at Stanford: The Bruins don't have a chance. Do they?
  • Oregon State at Arizona State: The Sun Devils try to keep their momentum going against the winless Beavs.
  • Ole Miss at Fresno State: C'mon, Dogs! Help our strength of schedule!

Click here for a complete list of today's game. Check out the list of the late afternoon and evening games in graphic form after the jump.

Penn at Dartmouth 6:00 PM
Clemson at Virginia Tech 6:00 PM
Texas at Iowa St. 7:00 PM
Washington at Utah FSN Affiliates 7:00 PM
Duke at FIU 7:00 PM
UAB at Troy 7:00 PM
FAU at UL-Lafayette
Blackout Map

DirecTV 789

Dish Network 466
7:00 PM
Hawai'i at Louisiana Tech

DirecTV 790

Dish Network 465
7:00 PM
Ball St. at Oklahoma DirecTV 787(-1)
Dish Network 461
7:00 PM
Kentucky Wesleyan at Liberty

DirecTV 788

Dish Network 464
7:00 PM
Massachusetts at Old Dominion 7:00 PM
Indiana St. at South Dakota St. 7:00 PM
Rice at Southern Miss 7:30 PM
Alabama at Florida 8:00 PM
Nebraska at Wisconsin 8:00 PM
Notre Dame at Purdue 8:00 PM
North Carolina at East Carolina 8:00 PM
New Mexico St. at New Mexico 8:00 PM
Ole Miss at Fresno St. 9:15 PM
UCLA at Stanford FSN Affiliates 10:30 PM
Oregon St. at Arizona St. 10:30 PM