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Cal Men's Basketball At Arizona St. Sun Devils Gamethread

Time: 11:30 AM PT/2:30 PM ET
TV: CSN Bay Area/FSN HD (click here to see if the affiliate in your area is broadcasting the game)
Radio: KNEW 910 AM
Stream: Post links in comments.

The California Golden Bears and Arizona St. Sun Devils battle to stay afloat in a competitive Pac-10. Safe to say both teams will be looking for a critical win. Cal and Arizona State are both coming off of losses and are straddling the bottom of the conference with Oregon. Another loss puts both teams in dire straits to compete, as tougher foes lie ahead for both schools.

Although I'm happy with the way Cal played on Thursday, I was expecting an angry effort from our team. The bounce-back will be more critical. Can they sustain it with all the young legs not used to long road trips? Will they buy in and play focused with such a brutal turnaround (playing only 36 hours after their last contest), or will fatigue become a factor and the energy drop off?

We talked to House of Sparky about today's game. Our answers to his questions should appear sometime today.

We know there's a nice recruiting contest going on on NBC (for the open thread, scroll down the front page or click here), but isn't that what channel-flipping is for? Or find a stream for one of them, watch one on your comp, and the other on your TV!

1. What happened against Oregon State?

OSU had the home court advantage, first of all. Trent Lockett did not play and as ASU proved on Thursday night against Stanford, the Sun Devils just aren't any good this season. There's a lack of basketball intelligence and a dreadful offensive stigma surrounding this team. It's been a dreadful year for Sun Devil basketball, and I anticipate that pain to continue against Cal.

2. Should Cal fans be extra freaked out against ASU?

No. Cal fans should be glad to see an easy W on their schedule.

3. What player on ASU should Cal fans be most worried about?

Do you really need to worry about anyone? I like the intensity of Kyle Cain's game, but he needs a legit center by his side to augment his abilities. He alone is just too short to make a huge impact on games against quality competition.

4. What Cal player or players are ASU fans most worried about?

That Jorge Gutierrez guy bugs me. He plays the game like it's street ball, and I'm surprised he gets away with it. I'm sure he's a gentleman, but he is a villain on the court.

5. Herb Sendek has been coach at ASU now for 4 seasons - with 3 20 win seasons, an NCAA 2nd round berth - are you guys satisfied or do you yearn for more?

Herb Sendek brought this bad season upon himself by refusing to give the young guys experience in 2009-2010. A bunch of players transferred and we are left with a pretty lousy basketball team. I hope that by the end of the year he has established a new team chemistry and has figured out his own shortcomings, but right now this just stinks.