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Golden Nuggets: Monty Can't Complain About Cal's Performance in a Narrow Loss to Arizona

Despite the tough loss to Arizona, Mike Montgomery was rather upbeat during the post-game press conference.  His players were visibly upset with the outcome, but Monty saw some positives to take away from the game.

On his team's performance

"I'll take that (loss) and a commitment like that. I know wins and losses are the whole deal, but they came together as a team and played with a lot of heart. I can't complain about that. They feel bad and they should, but that tells me they are committed. Arizona just lost to Oregon State the other night so nobody is really invincible in the conference. I just want us to play good basketball. As long as they care and they play hard, I can't find fault with that."

On attacking Derrick Williams and Arizona big men while on offense

(Laughing) "A lot of good that did us. We knew Horne had four fouls, so we were trying to set up plays to get to him because we felt like he wouldn't play defense aggressively, but Williams had no fouls and played as aggressive as he wanted and that made it tough."

On team's improvement

"Slowly but surely. This is a great group of kids. Sure, you'd like to be able to jump higher or run faster, but as long as they commit to playing hard and do the extra things, then I don't have a problem with that."

After the jump women's basketball takes down ASU, Monty says more about Franklin's decision to transfer, and Nevada's Chris Ault and Colin Kaepernick talk about how the win over Cal was a turning point in their superb season.