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Golden Bears Fall To Derrick Williams. Best Loss Ever.

Cal were double digit underdogs in this one. Cal played a top 25 caliber team a day after losing one of their starters forever. Cal had a chance to win the game at the buzzer.

Allen Crabbe and Richard Solomon showed why we were so excited about their commitment months ago. Crabbe finally took control of the outside shooting, and Solomon cleaned up inside on numerous occasions. These are the frosh that'll carry us in the future, and for stretches they showed their upside.

Markhuri Sanders-Frison looked slow early on and Harper Kamp couldn't make a shot. They recovered to dominate inside for most of the second half.

Derrick Williams was unguardable as expected (22 free throw attempts and 31 points!), but the rest of the Wildcats shot 35%. Zone defense is magical.

What's that word? That's hope.

Extended recap coming tomorrow. This is the postgame thread. Discuss what encouraged you the most about this effort by our Golden Bears.