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2011 Under Armour All-American GameThread

When: January 5th, 2011 7pm EST
Where: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL
Channel: ESPN/ESPN3
ESPN Coverage | Roster breakdown

Golden Recruits in Action:

Todd Barr, DT (Cal)
Lakewood (Lakewood, CA)
Red Team, #41
Marqise Lee, S
Serra (Gardena, CA)
Red Team, #9

From Under Armour -

Barr is a kid who can make you a fan pretty quickly with his style of play. He has a great motor and can really be a disruptive presence. He has good size and while he does not have ideal bulk he does not come across as undersized. He reminds us a lot of class of 2009 defensive tackle Corey Adams in his build. Both have good and thick athletic frames with the room to add more size. Barr has good quickness off the ball. He is a player capable of getting penetration. He comes off the ball with good pad level. He is very good with his hands. Consistently shoots them and will create separation. He can punch, get to the half-a-man and come off the block to be disruptive. He can also take on a blocker and hold his ground and locate the ball and cross a blockers face because he will use his hands. Does a good job of reading blocks and can come across the line of scrimmage, redirect, and get flat down the line. He takes good angles in pursuit and closes on the ball well. He is a good tackler and can deliver a pop. Shows good overall athleticism for his size and when asked to drop in zone-blitz packages does not look lost or out of place like so many big man can. As a pass rusher he can be explosive and shoot his weapons and knock a blocker back into the pocket. He will attack half-a-man, but could be a little more active with his hands in the sense of working moves in pass rush situations. Barr is an active and high motor defender. He plays the game hard and well and is a good and at this point underrated defensive tackle prospect [1].

Lee is a talented, natural athlete with very good upside at the safety position. Relatively new to the game of football but has quickly emerged into top-level defender. Has nice size with his good height and well-built frame; rangy and still has some room left to physically develop and could play at the 200-pound range in college. Very active around the ball in both run and pass support and has a knack for making the big play. Drives hard on the ball in front of him. Covers a lot of ground quickly with good underneath range and closing burst. Takes direct angles. Effective in deep half-field coverage as well. Tracks the ball well, shows good athleticism getting in position and has great ball skills once the pass in the air. Leaping and high-point skills are excellent. While a smooth athlete overall, he does not transition as quickly as expected out of his pedal and shows some wasted movement. Overall is a bit rigid opening and turning and looks to still be growing comfortable in the position as a junior. Mirrors well when positioned over slots with his quickness but overall footwork in man and off-man schemes need some polish. Would like to see more explosion and plant and drive burst as well. Tends to come in high as a tackler and overall run support skills need improvement. That said, Lee has a lot of natural tools to mold and develop at the college level; his ceiling his very high. Simply finds the ball in coverage and has a play-maker feel to his game you cannot coach. Would not be surprised if he gets a look at receiver with his big-play acceleration, quickness and speed. Best football is still ahead of this guy which is impressive [2].

Go Barr!  Go Lee!  Go Bears!