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What Will Jim Harbaugh And Andrew Luck Do?

The latest obsession for Cal fans has nothing to do with the Golden Bears, but everything to do with their rivals on the Farm. Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh and quarterback Andrew Luck could both be leaving in a matter of days. You can check out any updates on Harbaugh and Luck over at SB Nation Bay Area, where there are dedicated threads to each individual (click here for Harbaugh, click here for Luck).

We discuss the future of Harbaugh and Luck after the jump. What are your thoughts on what Harbaugh and Luck will do, and how will it affect our Bears? Talk about it in the comments.

1. Three prevailing winds of thought concerning Harbaugh: Michigan, the 49ers, return to Stanford. Can't really see him doing anything else. What does everyone think?

LeonPowe: ESPN has also mentioned Denver [Broncos], but Michigan or the Niners seem more obvious.

Kodiak: I think he'll interview with a bunch of NFL teams to maximize his exposure, nurture his ego, and drive the asking price up.  Then he'll go to Michigan where he'll either leave the program in shambles after shooting his mouth off, or resurrect it...then leave it in shambles when he ditches them for the NFL.

Berkelium97: I'm guessing he's gone.  For the past two years he has talked about how much he wants to stay at Stanford and how he's focused on everything Stanford-related.  In recent weeks he has grown quiet and at times somewhat hostile in his responses to questions about his departure.  I'm not sure if this is merely irritation at the bombardment of questions about his coaching future, but it is a bit suspicious that he has dropped the lines about staying at Stanford.

2. Two thoughts concerning Luck: Stay in school, or guarantee yourself the #1 pick?

LeonPowe: I really think he should leave - and that's not just my Cal homerism talking. If you're a top 5 pick in any sport you really should leave.

Kodiak:  A degree from stanfurd is worthless.  Unless your fancy bathroom runs out of toilet paper.  Leave now and get paid.

Berkelium97: Ask Jake Locker about returning for a senior season.  It doesn't take a Stanford education to figure out that he'd be much better off if he left this year as the #1 pick (especially with the probable reductions in future rookie salaries following the new collective bargaining agreement).

3. If Harbaugh and/or Luck return, are we doomed in Palo Alto next year?

LeonPowe:  Fuck no. 3/5ths of their offensive line is graduating. Also, fuck stanfurd.

Kodiak: No.  Anything can happen in a rivalry game even when you're facing a future NFL 1st Round QB.  Please give Mr. Elway a call if you'd like some clarification.  

Berkelium97: Not necessarily.  The lose some talent on O-line and lose two starters in their beloved Owen Marecic.  Everyone said we were doomed when we went down to Palo Alto in 2009 and that game turned out okay.