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Ashley Ambrose Hired As Cal Defensive Backs Coach From Colorado

Ashley Ambrose joins the California Golden Bears after a one year stint on the Colorado Buffaloes coaching staff according to an official release. Ambrose got lost in the Dan Hawkins firing and Jon Embree hiring shuffle in Boulder, and now, just like Eric Kiesau, finds himself at Cal. Ambrose replaces the departing Al Simmons.

Ambrose had a long and successful career in the NFL, playing 13 seasons, intercepting 42 passes, deflecting 178 passes, and notching 514 tackles, including one All-Pro season with the Cincinnati Bengals. Although he was on the staff only one year in Colorado (and it wasn't a particularly great one), Buff fans have generally positive things to say about him. Here's a good feature on him from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He coached cornerback Jimmy Smith to first-team All-Big 12 Honors on a not-so-talented Colorado defense (he was the only Buffalo on either the first or second All-Big 12 defensive teams), and has developed talented Jalil Brown as well.

Also interesting is that Ambrose and potential Cal recruit Stefan McClure have a very positive relationship--Ambrose was McClure's primary recruiter at Colorado. While I doubt Tedford is thinking that immediately, it's a possible bonus as McClure is set to make his decision at the US Army All-American Bowl this Saturday.

Note: There is a report floating about Ambrose having a domestic issue with his wife a few years back, but there is no evidence the case ever went to trial.

Update: Ohio Bear cleared up the issue.

According to Gwinnett County (Ga.) court records, Ambrose was not convicted on those charges. The charges were nolle prosequi’d (i.e., dismissed) by the prosecution in August 2007.

It is not uncommon for charges to be nolle’d by the prosecution when a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser offense. But there is no indication that happened here. Unless I’m missing something in these records, each charge against Ambrose appears to have been nolle’d and the record does not show a guilty plea to anything else.

Incidentally, Ambrose and his wife divorced in 2008.