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Golden Nuggets: Fiesta Bowl Open Thread/Sushi with Scott Fujita and Alex Mack

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Update: it looks like the Tosh-to-Texas rumors (which have been on life support for a while now) can officially be declared dead.  Texas has hired DT coach Bo Davis, and their only defensive coaching position available is defensive coordinator.

Use this thread to talk about tonight's Ohio State-Arkansas matchup.  

Tuesday, January 4
8:30 PM ET No. 6 Ohio State vs. No. 8 Arkansas*

Why should you watch the Sugar Bowl?

Because you want to see if the Big Televen will post another faceplant in a high profile game.  Several Ohio State players have been suspended for five games next season, including starters Terrelle Pryor, DeVier Posey, and Dan Herron.  In order to play in today's bowl, they had to promise to return next season.  Assuming they all play, they should have an advantage over Arkansas.  The Razorbacks have a strong offense led by Ryan Mallet, but their run defense has struggled at times.  With the complexity of Ohio State's running game (they use I-formation, single back, zone read, and pistol), this matchup could decide the game.  If Arkansas wants to stay competitive, Ryan Mallet's arm will have to put up enough points to outscore Ohio State's rush attack.  Winner? Ohio State by a TD.

While you're waiting for the game to kick off, check out Alex Mack's culinary skills as he prepares a sushi dish for Scott Fujita in an episode of "Rollin' at the Rock."

Rollin' at the Rock with Scott Fujita featuring Alex Mack (via SushiRockOhio)

After the jump Cal loses the Pac-10 opener to Stanford, Shane Vereen declares for the NFL draft, Viliami "Tiny" Moala talks about his plans for the final month before signing day, and Wilner debates whether Cal's 2004 team is better than Stanford's 2010 team.