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California Golden Blogs Fashion: SOOO in this season!

Well, we're finally ready to join some of the rest of the pack.  Perhaps.  We're thinking of doing CGB T-Shirts.  That way you can represent your love of not being productive at the office everywhere you go!

Of course, when it comes to figuring out what to put on the shirts, the first thing I thought of was talking to you people (what do you mean, you people??).  When people ask me what I am most proud of about the CGB community, the first thing that comes to mind is the creativity.  Over and over again, this community shows how vibrant and creative it is. 

I hope that we can use this thread to brainstorm ideas for shirts.  It can be anything!  There's no judgment in brainstorming.  Well, maybe not anything.  Afterall, we do want it to be vaguely related to Cal and/or CGB.  For example, we might be looking at witticisms or photoshops about Cal or Cal opponents generally.  References to Berkeley or the game day experience are great!  Or perhaps ideas that relate more specifically to CGB, but you don't want it to confuse people now.  So, just put your thoughts in the comments and we'll see what people come up with.  Rec the ones you like! 

To get your creative juices flowing, here is an idea that Redonkulous Bear and I put together:


Not every one has to reference CGB, of course, but it is a start.  So, let's make clothing.  And wear it!  And be awesome!  GO BEARS!