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Golden Nuggets: The Clock is Ticking for Markhuri Sanders-Frison

Monte Poole talks about the sense of urgency Markhuri Sanders-Frison plays with this season.  The loss of a close childhood friend and the fact that he's a senior have both been big motivators for him this season.  Here's a look at what he said at the post-game presser.

On what this game shows to the league

"It shows that we have matured a lot. We've played 21 games, and we've come a long way. I would like to give props to our young fellas and coaching staff for helping us out. We're a very young team and we showed that we've matured this afternoon."

On the Oregon zone

"They present a little bit of problems because they're very athletic. They're undersized, so they were getting to different spots a lot. We're bigger than them so we could get it down low. The full-court zone hurt us a lot, but once we got it past there, we got back and took our time. We still had turnovers, but we got through it."

On Allen Crabbe's game

"This is the most we've been pressured all season for a full 40 minutes. For a freshman, it was something new, and he did pretty well. Everybody makes turnovers and we don't pass the ball as well as we would like, but he still did a great job and came through for us. He matured today, learning the do's and don'ts of a full court press."

On the team's play overall

"Playing hard and surprising a lot of people, I'm so proud of my teammates. We go hard in practice and we go hard in games and it's paying off."   

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