Cal Women: (lesser) smackdown of the Beavers in Corvallis

With all the glee and rejoicing of the men's game, I didn't want to lose sight of the fact that our Women's team won last night, too.  Admittedly, the outcome of this game was much less in doubt given that OSU is 0-8 (now) in conference and have only about 2 scholarship players (in basketball, anyway; they recruited a 6'2" VBaller for help) who survived the LaVonda Wagner iceburg collision. 

Cal started off quickly, built a double-digit lead, and then played keep away to keep maintain a comfortable cushion for a convincing win.  All in all, it was a sort of boring game.  The nice thing about Gill Coliseum is you can sit wherever you want because there's no one else sitting there.  I told my OSU friend the place has the feel of a high-school gym; he replied there are probably some high-school teams that could beat OSU.  Talk about rebuilding....

Biggest upside from my standpoint was Caldwell's play.  I expect Stallworth to get those inside points, but Caldwell worked the key well.  Granted, OSU was giving up 4-5 inches in alot of cases, but that didn't diminish how physical the game was underneath.  I continue to be impressed by Layshia Clarendon; she has great control of the floor.  Was hoping for more floor time for Lindsey Sherbert, who finished with only 3 points, but oh well.  Freshman Afure Jemerigbe played solidly and patiently, too, while Rama's bionic knee brace seems to limit her mobility.

Last year the OSU band (understandably) mocked Coach Boyle for the sweater she wore; this year it was her 4+ inch stilettos (!).  I think she decided she wanted to be as tall as her players.  When your team is losing that bad I guess the band has to come up with SOMETHING to make fun of......  As the only visible Cal fan in the arena, I took the opportunity to shake hands, cheer for, and slap high-fives with the coaches and players as they left the floor.  Awesome group of athletes.

Go Bears!

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