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Golden Nuggets: Cameron Jordan is Movin' On Up

Cameron Jordan's stellar performance during Senior Bowl practices might ensure that the Cal D-line produces a first-round pick for the second year in a row.

Jordan was one of the stars of the first day of Senior Bowl practices, earning "top performer" honors from's Steve Muench, who wrote: 

No one was able to move Jordan today. Even Nate Solder, who dominated everyone, had a tough time with Jordan in run periods. Jordan did an excellent job of staying low coming out of his stance and jacked up Solder, effectively taking away his power base and gaining control in the battle. We wouldn't say he has violent hands, but he has a strong upper body and gets good hand placement so he can control guys. That's what you look for in a five-technique guy. He slid in to play DT, where he looked a little quicker, and he is certainly big and strong enough to play that position at the next level. We'd like to see him battle some of the top offensive linemen some more this week, but he's off to a strong start and is the top five-technique guy here and probably the best one in this class.

ESPN draft guru Todd McShay also called Jordan and Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan "the best defenders here." 

During Day 2, Todd McShay called Jordan a "beast" and said he's annihilating blockers in 1-on-1s ($).

Cam also dominated another top O-line prospect.

–In the pit, offensive and defensive linemen squared off. Cameron Jordan was incredibly impressive. He showed quick hands and at one point had his way with one of the top offensive linemen in this year’s draft class, Anthony Costanzo. Jordan also showed that he is not a one-trick pony as he bull rushed Costanzo into the backfield on the very next rep

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