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BREAKING NEWS: Per Yahoo: Cal OC Andy Ludwig to San Diego State

Update:  Per Okanes, Cal confirms that Ludwig has left.  Nothing further known. 

According to Tom Dienhart at Yahoo, Andy Ludwig is heading to SDSU to take on the same role with the Aztecs. 

It was rumored that the delay in officially announcing Coach M's role with Cal was due to machinations with Ludwig.  Now, if true, we will see what role Coach Michalzak has with the team.  From my perspective, this is a lot of turnover.  Given how well the offense played last year, perhaps all this turnover is for the better.  With so many new faces set for next year, however, it would have been nice to see more consistency at the coaching level. 

Coach Tedford sure does seem to go through his offensive coordinators, doesn't he?  Plus, as a play-caller, I thought Coach Ludwig did a pretty good job.  I appear to be alone in that, it seems.  It was more as a QB Coach that I was hoping for better.

We'll provide more updates on this story as it becomes available.  GO BEARS!