I don't understand cupcakes. Though delicious they may be, there's this huge fascination with them now that I believe is destroying the moral fabric of our society.  More after the jump.


They used to just be treats you brought in for your class in elementary school on your birthday. Or items at a bake sale. Remember, all they are is mini cakes. So it makes sense to have them in this function. They are are the same portion, they are portable, and you can eat them with your hands. Cool. I dig that. Little kids all get one and no one can complain about bigger pieces, easily sold to a churchgoer. I understand the idea of potion control too, and its easier to make designs on smaller scale.

But now, they have gotten all fancy and complicated with different recipes and multiple franchises solely devoted to selling them. Why can't they just make cake? Or other kinds of desserts? Isn't that more of a challenge? Then you have people who make cupcake cakes. Example.... make a bunch of cupcakes. Arrange them in shape. Frost as you would a cake. WHY?

Arguments have been made that they are cute. Really? Food can be cute? Man, then being fat should be adorable.

People start blogs about how they make all these different types of cupcakes and feel like accomplished pastry chefs.  This saddens me. Why not try different desserts?! Isn't that more fun and interesting than cake batter with slightly different ingredients every time?

This is a cupcake.



Simple, sugary, delicious. This is how they should remain.

Cupcakes. I'm not impressed.

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