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California Golden Bears Men's Basketball At USC Trojans Gamethread

Time: 8 PM PT/11 PM ET
TV: FSN Regional HD: CSN Plus in Bay Area, Fox Sports West in Los Angeles, Fox College Sports Central
Radio: KNEW 910 AM (also can listen to the All-Access broadcast with Roxy Bernstein without fear of game being interrupted by Glenn Beck commercials foretelling the end times); Sirius 121, XM 141
Stream: Post links in comments

So after being left for dead, then roaring back and obliterating everything in our path like the Bride in Kill Bill out this Thursday night ... well, let's just say that if Quentin Tarantino had Cal as her starting actress, that movie ends with her buried alive from trying to break out of that coffin.

Obviously, if Cal has any hopes of being in the top part of the Pac-10, they probably have to win this game, since their next four games are eminently winnable. Going 2-5 to start conference play (no matter how brutal the opening stretch) just won't be enough. 3-4 is manageable, and will keep them within arm's length of making a run during their relatively chill homestretch (six of the next eight are at home, and in all but one Cal should be favored). The Trojans are a brutal matchup for us, but if our defense is better than it was Saturday night and we can hit some outside shots, who knows what can happen. This is college basketball after all.