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Cal Loses To UCLA In A Way Only Cal Can

Come on. Who else could come up with a loss like this?

A 14 point comeback with four minutes left to tie the game with ten seconds left?  Getting all the whistles from Pac-10 officials, shooting 34 free throws in our house of nightmares in Pauley Pavilion? Harper Kamp dominating inside, but Cal perimeter players not able to get him the ball in the second half with their post entry passes? Overcoming ten threes by the Bruins (four from Tyler Honeycutt), while not scoring a single three ourselves until the final basket of the game? UCLA turning the ball over on two consecutive possessions to help cut an eight point lead to two in nine seconds?

(Hold on. Not finished.)

Shooting 72% from the field in the second half and still coming up short?  JC transfer Lazeric Jones turning into Ray Allen down the stretch and nailing nearly every field goal? Allen Crabbe being locked down by apparently the greatest wing defender in the history of the Pac-10 in Malcolm Lee, then erupting for 13 points in the final three minutes and nailing the tying jumper? Cal dominating the defensive glass for much of the season, only to give up 14 offensive rebounds and giving up the critical basket off a putback layin? Who would believe this stuff?

I would. I'm a Cal fan. Nice to meet you!

Finally, Josh Shipp. Darren Collison. Michael Roll. Now Reeves Nelson. Hate you. Hate you. Hate you. Really really hate you. Why is it always the Bruins.

This is the postgame thread. Recap coming tomorrow morning.