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Cal Basketball Postgame Thread: Furd Frosh > Our Frosh

Dwight Powell is what we hope Richard Solomon will be in one or two years. Anthony Brown is what we hope Gary Franklin will be in one or two years. Aaron Bright is what Emerson Murray should be down the road, except Murray should be better in every possible way.

Tonight, they were the difference. Jeremy Green did his thing, but that was expected. Powell, Brown and Bright made an array of athletic moves, fluky shots and big plays (especially Powell, who made Harper Kamp look like a rec league practice buddy). Solomon had more turnovers than points. Brown nailed a three with Allen Crabbe right up in his grill and worked within the offense. Franklin broke up a fastbreak, only to come back and clank a pull-up transition three.

Their frosh had 42 points, our frosh (who played okay, just not good enough) had 22. They're ready for Pac-10 play; ours probably will provide the most epic of facepalms--although to be fair, the frosh were the least of our problems tonight. Safe to say I'm not looking forward to the rematch.

This is your postgame thread. Extended recap coming tomorrow morning.