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Cal Women's Basketball vs. Washington Gamethread

Time: 2:00 PM PT/5:00 PM ET
TV: None

Radio: KKGN 960 AM
Audio Stream:

Looks like we're stuck with gametracker thanks to the continually mercurial and abysmal All-Access service

The women look to bounce back from a truly shocking performance and loss against Washington St. on Friday night.  Losing to a team that entered the game with a 3-13 record killed all of the good vibes from last weekend's surprisingly clinical sweep of the Arizona schools, and immediately enters the discussion of worst losses in the Joanne Boyle era.  It leaves the Bears desperate for a win against a Washington team that, on paper, Cal should be able to beat without too much trouble.  But I said the same thing before Friday's game, and I said the same thing before last year's game in Seattle that needed an extra five minutes to decide.  Considering Cal's road troubles I won't feel confident about this game until the clock strikes 0:00 with the Bears in the lead.

Cal fans will no doubt remember Washington’s biggest threat in Kristi Kingma – she nailed a shocking corner three pointer to send last year’s matchup in Seattle to overtime, before more heroics from Alexis Gray-Lawson carried Cal to victory.  The junior wing has upped her game big time this year, to the tune of 17 points and 6 rebounds per game.  She’s by far Washington’s biggest offensive threat and a potentially problematic matchup for any Cal defender

Also of note is that Regina Rogers is back on the floor after a long injury layoff, adding a potentially troubling post presence for UW.  Rogers probably isn’t really in game shape and still struggles with endurance, but when she’s on the court she tends to find points.