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Allen Crabbe Arrives, Golden Bears Overcome Klay Thompson

The California Golden Bears played four guys over 40 minutes. Cal still had one of their best shooting performances of this season. Markhuri Sanders-Frison had another double-double (before fouling out for existing); Harper Kamp had an ultra-efficient 18 points, and the improving-by-the-minute Richard Solomon chipped in with 8 points and 7 boards. All that awesomeness inside was still nearly not enough to overcome Klay Thompson, who stepped up into open jumpers created by his bigs, didn't see a Cal big stepping up to meet him, and buried an array of jump shots all over the perimeter.

Thankfully, Brandon Smith is probably the unsung hero--with Jorge Gutierrez struggling to score and getting mauled on several occasions, Smith stepped up and defended Thompson well in the overtime period, plus chipped in nine assists and nailed his free throws. Despite that, it would not have been enough to overcome Klay Thompson, who stepped up and nailed a shot from the Campanile to force overtime.

But Allen Crabbe. I knew he'd be special last year, and he's showing he has the potential to be one of the greats, nailing huge triples early, hitting a bunch of free throws late, scoring on offensive rebound putbacks and floaters, and simply being smooth.

30 points on 15 field goal and 7 free throw attempts. That's efficiency you love to see. And yes, THAT was enough to overcome Klay Thompson and his Washington St. Cougars.

Never been happier to have a game played at the tailend of a long weekend. Guys need all the rest they can get.

This is rambling. This is Cal basketball.

This is the postgame thread. Official recap tomorrow.