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Golden Nuggets: Colorado Week Press Conference

It's Tuesday which means Tedford and company were talking to reporters at another media luncheon.  Cameron Jordan and Kevin Riley joined Tedford today to talk about Keenan Allen, Boise St's win, the win over UC Davis, and this weekend's matchup against Colorado.  Here's what Tedford said about the matchup against the Buffaloes.

On his memories of Eric Kiesau, the Buffaloes' offensive coordinator and former receivers coach at Cal from 2002-05, and whether he might recognize any Cal influence in Colorado's offense 

"Eric, we had good times here, Eric did a great job while he was here. Conceptually there are some things that they do - not all of it. Over the last few years it's obvious that he's grown and has some new ideas about things. But there are some concepots there that are some that he took from his time here.

On whether it could be an advantage to recognize Cal-inspired aspects of Kiesau's playbook
"Not really. Watching the game [Colorado vs. Colorado State], there wasn't anything glaring that you could say, `This is what they're doing' or anything like that. They've done a nice job of mixing things up." 

Here's what Riley had to say about this week's opponent.

On whether Colorado's future as a fellow conference opponent adds anything to this game

"Yeah, I believe so. I mean, I won't be here for it, but it definitely, you definitely want to show them what they're going to come to in the Pac-10, show them what type of conference we are, how we play football, and I feel Pac-10 gets a bad rap every single year, West Coast football in general. We've just got to show them what Cal football is all about and what the Pac-10's all about. That's all you can really do, and it's exciting because it's kind of a preview - I think this is the only Pac-10 they play in their preseason - for the whole conference as well."

On Colorado's defense
"[They] bring a lot of pressures, bring a lot of field dog and things like that, what I've seen. Like I said, I haven't seen too much film, but what I've seen, they like to bring pressure and mostly they use nickel a lot more than most teams. If you're in a base set they'll have four down linemen, two linebackers and five DBs. So they use their speed, but they bring safeties in the box and they mix it up pretty well." 

After the jump Cal opens as a 7-point favorite over Colorado, Tedford talks about what he saw in the Davis gametape, several other sports enjoy a successful weekend, and more.


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