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Virginia Tech - Boise State University Open Thread

At 5 PM PST on ESPN, we have one of the marquee match ups of this early 2010 football season.  It has been a fun and interesting weekend to date.  Hopefully, tonight's game will continue the tradition of tight games.  One Bronco Nation Under God brings you everything you need to know about this game:

Tyrod Taylor vs. George Iloka

You know how Colin Kaepernick plays like garbage every year against Boise State? That's George Iloka's doing. Boise State likes using the sure-tackling safety to spy on mobile quarterbacks because Iloka is, well, a sure tackler. He may get the call to go at it again on Monday night, if the Broncos can spare him from helping in coverage downfield.

Virginia Tech's interior defensive line vs. Boise State's interior offensive line

Kellen Moore likes pressure in his face about as much as I like listening to Idaho Sports Talk. That is to say, not at all. If the combination of Will Lawrence, Thomas Byrd, and either Joe Kellogg or Nate Potter can keep VT's big uglies at bay, the Bronco passing offense will have time to click. Plus, as much as Boise State likes to get its play-making running backs on the edge, there will be at least three or four occasions where a tough two yards are needed to extend a drive. And those yards will be gained or lost up the middle. Preferably, gained.

Use this thread to discuss all the action and anything else that may pop into your head!