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Golden Nuggets: Jack Clark on the Decision to Demote Cal Rugby

After Cal Rugby was demoted to club status, Jack Clark his team are unsure if they'll be able to excel as they have in recent decades (see 21 of the past 25 rugby championships).  For more of Coach Clark's comments, read this insightful interview from

"Yesterday was the worst day of my life. This almost seems surreal," Clark said. "I've literally woken up every morning of my life for 30 years and tried to bring credit to this university "... tried to make Cal people more proud of Cal.

"And to have my university demote my sport and then aggressively defend the decision, which was my take of yesterday, it rips my heart out."

Primarily, Clark disputes the notion that everything will be basically the same with rugby given varsity club status. He said the team would be required to pay to get services from sports medicine and lift weights at the new High Performance Center.

He argued that rugby could financially sustain a women's varsity equivalent, which would share facilities and remove the gender-equity obstacle. And he said it's not too late to make that happen, although he received notice Tuesday morning of his termination, effective the end of the 2010-11 fiscal year.

"I told them I want to create a dynamic women's rugby team, where we're going to create Olympians and national champions," Clark said. "That's the spirit of Title IX, growing women's opportunities. It's unfortunate that it's turned into some kind of a math test that ends up reducing men's (programs)."

After the jump members of other discontinued sports provide insight into how the cuts have affected their programs.  Also Tedford makes some comments on the budget issues, Mike Mohamed becomes a finalist for the "Academic Heisman,"  and Mike Montgomery talks about improvements his players have made during the offseason.

Athletics Cuts


  • Jeff Faraudo talked with Monty, who gave an update on all facets of the team.  Monty is encouraged by the development five freshman, who will log significant minutes this season.  Harper Kamp, Markhuri Sanders-Frison and Brandon Smith are all in great shape after being limited by injuries.  MSF has lost nearly 30 lbs and Smith may have the best conditioning of anyone on the team.  Bak Bak has also been improving his physique, as he has added more muscle to his thin frame.  He couldn't do a single pull-up when he arrived at Cal, and now he can do 18.  Zhang's future this season and beyond is still a bit unclear.