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Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Riley Caption Contest

Can you caption these photos of two of Cal's quarterbacks at what appears to be a concert in Tahoe?



The comments section can also be used as a gamethread for Arizona-Toledo. To avoid your captions getting lost in the gamethread comments, reply to the first thread in the comments section. Then rec your favorite comments and discuss the game!

(HT to turkey, and to MikeLit09 from Bear Insider for the original photo)

Here are the winners from the Pac-10 coaches caption contest.



We had two winners, with six recs each! First, norcalnick:

Phtographer: OK everybody! I want big smiles! On three, everybody say SANCTIONS! 1 . . . 2 . . .

Lane Kiffin: SANC – wait, what?

Then, ximiankermel.

With a vote of 10-1, Coach Wulff was tasked to handle the picture taking duties