Cal Cutting Baseball, Gymnastics, And Women's Lacrosse, Relegating Rugby


Click on the title of this fanshot or here to read the Daily Cal story regarding cuts to the athletic department. Essentially, Cal is cutting baseball, men's and women's gymnastics, and women's lacrosse. Further, men's rugby will be re-categorized in a way that allows it to still be a campus sport. Here is the official press release. Here is the most important part, of course: The campus will honor existing scholarship commitments for those student athletes whose teams have been eliminated, and the campus will support students wishing to transfer to other schools to compete. According to an FAQ released with Birgeneau's letter, "a total of 163 out of 814 student-athletes are directly impacted � baseball (38), men's gymnastics (19), women's gymnastics (15), women's lacrosse (30) and men's rugby (61)." The total number of intercollegiate teams at UC Berkeley is now reduced from 29 to 24. The removal of these teams will allow the campus to save $4 million in the first year and put the department in a better position to control its costs moving forward, according to Birgeneau.

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