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God, please fire M. Night Shyamalan

Nice try, Creator and Destroyer Of All!  Trying to throw a big twist in at the end of the game there with the whole "Under-dog Cal team controls game on the road against 14th ranked Arizona Wildcats, but increasingly tired defense gives up score with less than 2 minutes to go to lose."  But we've seen that twist before.  Dude(tte?), we all knew that was coming.  When it was 6-0, we all knew Cal would lose 6-7.  And when it was 9-3, we all knew Cal would lose 10-9.  It was like getting punched in slow motion over the course of 3 hours.  

I don't mean to criticize, because I really love all the great sunshine and glorious corporate tax breaks that you provide, Oh Omnipotent one.  All great stuff.  But you really need to hire better writers.  M. Night Shyamalan's whole "big twist at the end" thing was great in 1999, but he hasn't put out a good movie since.  And it's the same tired thing over and over and over again.  What about Bruce Villanch?  He makes all those Oscars hilarious!

Us Cal fans want new and exciting ways to be roasted alive.  None of this "Opposing team seems unwilling or unable to score for 59 minutes and then BAM!"  Let's try something new.  What about Cal team throws up 100 points, but then the mother of all false starts is called and the entire game is called back, just in time for Cal to lose 2-0.  Or how about this, Cal just plain loses 2-0.  Like those are new ways to cry my heart out that I can get behind.  And have you considered Cal player is discovered to be receiving benefits *during pass play* and Cal has to forfeit right then and there.  Sorta "Hey, catch the ball *and* these keys to a brand new Mercedes SUV!"  

There is potential here.  I think we can do it!  Dear readers of the glorious CGB, what are some new and exciting ways for Cal to lose in excruciatingly cruel fashion.  Let's plan out the next 20 years of Cal losses CGB-style!