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Q+A with Arizona Desert Swarm

With the Arizona game on the horizon, we thought we'd take a gander at their team with the expertise of SBN's Arizona site, Arizona Desert Swarm.

The are your one stop shopping for Arizona football knowledge and many thanks to uofafanatic for his answers to the questions, which are after the jump.

1)  How would you stop the AZ passing attack?

-That will be hard.  Arizona is deep at WR.  Don't let all the glowing reviews of Juron Criner lead you to believe that he is the only good receiver for Arizona.  The best bet is to pressure QB Nick Foles and try to limit big plays.

2)  Are you still worried about the new LB's, or have they proven themselves?

-I feel that they are good, but not great.  I have stated in the past that with the DEs and the secondary being so good, the LBs simply need to be good, not great, and limit mistakes.  I am repeating over and over, however, that LB Derek Earls is something special.  Cal fans will likely see him flying all over the field this coming Saturday.

3)  How much did the loss of Delashaun Dean hurt your offense?

-Little to no effect.  The passing game looks to be improved over last season.  I would even go so far as to say it was a positive move.  It was an opportunity for coach Stoops to show that he will not tolerate a rule violation.

4.  What is the #1 thing Cal fans should know about the Arizona defense?

-The defensive line is no joke.  Arizona boasts arguably the best DE combo in the Pac-10.  And did you see the four straight sacks to end the Iowa game?  On the inside are several above average DTs.  If Arizona is as successful in shutting down the run as they were with Iowa, Cal will be in serious trouble.

5.  You all saw how our D got roughed up in Nevada.  Will the Arizona offense do the same?

-Maybe.  I am actually pretty big on Cal.  One bad performance doesn't shake that.  It all depends on how your defensive line plays.

6.  Last year, before the Cal-Arizona game, we asked you if you thought Arizona was going to the Rose Bowl.  You said yes.  Have you learned your lesson?

-Come on now.  I won't even repeat the "one or two plays" mantra about last season.  Arizona is clearly a Rose Bowl contender this season.  Now Cal needs to start winning some conference games (not including @ Arizona...) so I can be right about predicting them to finish in the top 3 of the Pac-10.

7. Nick Foles, heir apparent to Kurt Warner?

-I like the sound of that!  But actually, keep an eye out for Arizona Cardinals rookie QB Skelton.  He throws a really nice ball.  As for Foles, he is definitely a first rounder, but I don't see him going pro after this season.  Especially with the lock out looking like a near-certainty.

8. Dirtbags, greatest place evah, or greatest place evah?

I actually prefer BisonWitches...

9. Should Cal be afraid of TEs not named Gronkowski?

As of now, no.  Gronkowski was on another level.  His combo of elite pass catching and tough blocking is rare.