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Ask CGB - Week 3

Because of the compressed week leading up to last week's debacling in the desert, we didn't have a timeslot available for Ask CGB. Sorry. But to make it up, I'm going to give you a compressed column this week full of questions I'm making up to answer because I just lost everything I was writing for the past three hours as SBN inexplicably logged me out, didn't tell me, and didn't save my changes despite saying it did.

As previously mentioned:

To submit questions to future CGB mailbags, please do one of these three things. 

1) If you're registered, leave us a question in the comments section of this post and we'll try to answer it here and include it in next week's mailbag.
2) Email us with your questions at goldenblogs at gmail dot com, and make sure that the subject line reads "CGB Mailbag". Leave a name or alias and we'll make sure to include it.
3) Contact us on Twitter!

If you have a question for a specific person, make sure to delineate it! They can be addressed to any of the editors, even mods. On with the show!

solariseCGB (via Twitter)

3 gms, 3 fumble at the line, 1 delay penalty, 1 quick snap to avoid delay->INT. Concerned about Riley's game mgmt?

Yellow Fever

I'm not concerned with his game management specifically, as those things are usually more on the shoulders of the coaching staff (see Jimmy Raye) than they are on the quarterback, but clearly things could be improved all the way around. I'm more concerned with his lack of accuracy and poor decision making...still.

solariseCGB (via Twitter)

speaking of Mean Girls, any thoughts on Vinnie Chase's downward spiral a la Lindsay Lohan? Will Vinnie become a lesbian?

Yellow Fever

Ballist, I have no idea what you're talking about. The only things I watch on TV are sports and pro wrestling, and since pro wrestling is actually a sport, really, just sports.

gardengnomeii (via Twitter)

How will it work production production from the third string tailback

Yellow Fever

Yarnway seems to be the team's third tailback, but given that no offense (including Tedford's) really uses a third back unless one of the first two is injured and/or it's a blowout, it won't exactly make or break the season either way.

Thoroughbred (the peanut gallery/comments section)

Will Beano be alive the next time Notre Dame wins any sort of championship?

Yellow Fever


drub12 (the peanut gallery/comments section)

Is Keenan Allen a full-fldged God yet? or is he just the Messiah?

Yellow Fever

He's more like Achilles at this point with his injury last week; but I expect him to get back to bowling 300, hitting home runs effortlessly, throwing nothing but ringers, making an insane number of free throws, and catching his own 80 yard passes.

So yes, I expect him to be Mr. Perfect.

superguy (the peanut gallery/comments section)

What chance do you give Cal and the Wildcats of meeting with a combined 6-0 record, and would those records lead to the first battle of ranked Pac-10 teams of the season? As a bonus question, Cal has not won at Arizona since the Straw Hat Band quit trekking into the Sonoran Desert – would you say that’s a big factor in Cal’s losses, or the biggest factor in Cal’s losses?

Yellow Fever

Had I answered this last week, I think I would have given it about a 15% chance of happening (80% chance of Cal winning and a 20% chance of Arizona winning - 80% * 20% = 16%...and that's enough math for the day). And that's why I'm not a professional handicapper.

As far as the Straw Hat Band, I'd say it's a big factor, though somewhat below the fact that we no longer have Aaron Rodgers at QB, since he was the last Cal QB to venture into the desert and come out with a victory.

Donovan McNabb (Redskins Park)

How do you feel about the Eagles' switch from me to Kevin Kolb to Michael Vick?

Yellow Fever

Like the groupthinker that I am, I tend to go with my favorite team's management under the belief that they have insider information which allows them to make better decisions than I can. So if Andy Reid decides that Michael Vick is the better choice for this season (and early returns seem to indicate that's the case) then I'm on board for the Michael Vick experience and may pick up a jersey of his off eBay. And if they had stuck with Kevin Kolb, I would have drank the Kool-Aid and continued to remind people that he's the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300+ yards in his first two starts, which he did last year.

So clearly, not only am I a groupthinker, I'm also a sunshine pumper in supporting all of my favorite teams.

Carmelo Anthony (Denver, CO)

Rumors have me headed to the Nets - why should I be willing to go, and how excited are you about the possibility?

Yellow Fever

Because then I'll be able to have a jersey with my first name on the back without looking like a complete moron. And yes, I'm extremely excited for just that reason.

Yellow Fever's subconscious (Parts Unknown)

Does Arizona's victory over Iowa mean Iowa is overrated, Arizona is really good, and will it even matter after Cal wins this wekeend?

Yellow Fever

I'm leaning towards Arizona being really good, but no, it won't matter after Cal wins this weekend.

Ms. Yellow Fever (NJ)

Did you really spend the entire weekend lying on your couch watching football and playing Valkyria Chronicles 2?

Yellow Fever


Yellow Fever's subconscious (Parts Unknown)

Is it time to switch to stealing a different college football media personality's questions going forward for Ask CGB?

Yellow Fever

I'm willing to consider it, though ideally we'd like to get more questions from readers and go to an all-reader format sometime in the future. Maybe we'll start stealing questions from DBDs.

Scootie (DBD 9.22.2010)

How's your understanding of BAM now?

Yellow Fever

Terrible. I'd rather not being able to rate guys, myself.

Avinash (DBD 9.21.2010)

Arizona is favored by 6.5. What's your prediction for the game?

Yellow Fever

Cal to win big!  PUMP PUMP PUMP

Scott Allen (Rule of Tree)

So what will Saturday bring? Can Shayne Skov put together a Lynchian performance? Will Andrew Luckcement his status as a Heisman candidate with a big game on national television? Will Katy Perry smoke a Jeffrey and perform "Furry Walls" on the season premiere of SNL? A man can dream.

Yellow Fever

Of course the Furd is going to win at Notre Dame. I like Brian Kelly as a coach, but I can't imagine actually rooting for them to win...even against the Furd.

Net Income (NetsDaily)

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone's investigative reporter. He has penned a profile of Prokhorov for Men's Journal entitled, "Is American Sports Ready for a Real Gangster?"

Yellow Fever

He can't be any worse than Donald Sterling. So, yes, clearly American sports is ready.

On the Banks (On the Banks)

Rutgers has released more student tickets for UNC. Is the demand that strong, or are sales slower than expected?

Yellow Fever

While it would be nice to believe demand is that strong, it's not very likely that's the answer here.