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Golden Nuggets: Arizona Week Press Conference

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Breaking: Colorado will join the Pac-12 next year! This means Cal needs two OOC games next year since @Colorado is now a conference game.

At today's press conference Marvin Jones and Kevin Riley joined Tedford to discuss the loss to Nevada and the upcoming matchup against Arizona.  One of the biggest factors to the Bears' success will be the ability to withstand the Arizona pass-rush and open holes for Shane Vereen.  Here's a look at what Tedford and Riley said about matching up against the Arizona D. First, Tedford:

On the challenges Cal's offensive line faces against Arizona's defensive line

"If you watch the Iowa game and watch how - they're relentless in their pass rush. The two defensive ends can really get after you and put a lot of pressure on your tackles. And then inside they're very powerful and tenacious with their rush as well. And then they have a nice blitz package. They're a goof front and we're going to have to protect and try to stay out of situations where they're obvious passing situations."

On whether the offensive line has played well so far this season
"Yeah, actually, they have. The couple of sacks that we had last week early in the game, when we were backed up there, one was on the tailback and one was on the tight end. It wasn't on the offensive line, but anytime you get sacked, it's the offensive line's fault. There's other people involved in pass protection."


On Arizona's pass rush
"Obviously they're a sound team all around, but defensively, their D-ends are just workers. They're not huge guys, but they kind of remind me of Oregon State's D-end Victor Butler a couple of years ago and things like that, how they're always coming full speed on every play. They're just good. At the end of the game [such as when Arizona recorded sacks on four straight plays against Iowa], you know it's different, because you know you're throwing the ball, and they came after him, and they weren't even bringing pressure, really. It was just the guys up front, and those things happen, but they're a good team, so we're going to have to be ready."
On how he rates the offensive line going into perhaps its biggest test so far this year at Arizona
"I think they've done a good job. I think they've gotten better every game. I think this week will be the biggest test and I think they're up for it. They're working hard. You've got to stop a lot of [the Wildcats'] twists that they do, because the D-ends are just coming. They just kind of crash with force in there and try and open up holes. We're going to have to be ready, that's for sure, because they can get after you."

After the jump Arizona opens as a 7-point favorite, the Wildcats hope to avoid another letdown against Cal, injuries may limit the running and passing game for the 'Cats, and the Bears talk about the loss to Nevada.  Meanwhile, Cal's other sports put together a solid weekend of competition.


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