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Golden Nuggets: Bears Eager to Move On After Being Outdueled by Nevada's Offense

Normally I like to include some quotes from the post-game press conference.  But, for whatever reason, didn't post the transcript this week.  So let's make due with what we have, helpfully provided by Rivals.

"No, no, altitude has got nothing to do with it; they get all the credit," said Bears head coach Jeff Tedford. "We didn't coach and play well enough. Period. It's got nothing to do with travel or short week or altitude or rankings or any of that other stuff. I'll just answer all those questions right off the get-go. It's got nothing to do with any of that. They outplayed us. Period."
"We didn't get them out," said defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast. "We didn't get them out on third down as much as we would have liked, the quarterback made some very good throws when he stood in the pocket and was able to keep some drives alive, not only on third-and-short, where they converted in the running game, but on a third-and-long that they got that was critical in that first half."
Cal tacklers were regularly in the Nevada backfield, but tackling the wrong player. Several times Kaepernick was able to completely befuddle the defense and pop out into the open field, gaining 86 yards on the ground in the first half alone.

"I knew, with the speed of the game, it would take a series or two for the guys to settle down, to get a feel for the speed of the game because it is hard to simulate in practice, but our offense gave us a good look during the course of the week, so we just didn't get it done early in the ballgame," Pendergast said. "We had some situations during the course of the game where we created some negative plays on first down, but couldn't continue that, successfully enough, on second down."

Marvin Jones had an interesting quote during the presser.

"We're just going to forget this," Jones said. "Obviously, it's going to be in the back of our minds, but, in order for us to be successful we have to move on to the next one. On a more serious note, we have Pac-10 play. I think we're going to respond well and we have a great defense and they had a whacky offense, so I'm not too worried about Pac-10 play."

After the jump everyone seems to have some way of asking the same fundamental question: Is Cal's defense a liability or was this simply a fluke due to an unusual offense?

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