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Eating the Enemy: Nevada + Cincinnati-NCState Open Thread

This might shock you - I wasn't able to find a single recipe on how to cook and eat wolf. So I'm going to turn this over to Sharanya Manivannan, who wrote a poem about How to Eat a Wolf.

Does all lust start and
end like this? Don't get me
wrong. I loved my wolf.
I held him tethered like
a pussycat. I nursed
the rumble in his belly
with hands gentle as a burglar's.
He lived on milk
and blood and ocean. He
had violets for his furs.

It's just that he was
beginning to devour me.
He nuzzled me with claws,
fondled me with fangs
sharp as yearning
He snaked a tongue so
hungry in its kiss it
turned my body to salt.

Ok, maybe that's not what we're looking for. But don't let that stop you from trying to run over a wolf in the back woods of your vacation home and throwing that on your Foreman grill with some salt, pepper, and oregano! Use this as your open thread for tonight's Cincinnati vs. NC State game. Hey, another Wolfpack! I'm rooting for the Bearcats though.