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Golden Nuggets: Pendergast Brings the Pain, Cal Routs Colorado

Last week the post-game press conference centered around the Keenan Allen show.  This week, it was all about Clancy Pendergast's suffocating defense.  Go here to see the seven-minute video of Pendergast's portion of the press conference.  First up, Jeff Tedford has some comments on the D.

On Cal's Defense: 

"The defense played excellent. Down within the 5-yard line they were very stubborn and knocked them back. I thought we did a very good job. I wasn't too fired up about the two drives coming out after halftime; we had to keep the pedal to the metal there. But for the most part we played pass defense really well and we stopped the run. (The defense) played really hard, and you like to see that."

"The defense was very stingy today. I thought in the first half Colorado had really poor field position. The defense did a really nice job not letting them out of there. I was concerned when we went for it on fourth down that we gave up the field position battle. That was critical coming into the game, but our defense got a turnover and took care of that." 

Jarred Price, LB
On how the defense played:
"It was a whole team effort. The coaches preached all week about getting to the quarterback and bringing him down. They were hyping him up [Colorado tackle Nate Solder], saying he was a first-round draft pick, so I wanted to put him to the test to see if he was really worthy. Overall, we had a good day as a defense."

Quote of the day goes to wide receiver Scotty McKnight:

"This is the most embarrassing game of my life. I don't even know how to handle it."

After the jump Cal takes the top spot in the NCAA's rankings for defense, Darian Hagan ends the game on a high note, Colorado likely delays joining the Pac-12 until 2012, ESPN projects the bowl season, and more.

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