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Week 2 College Football Evening Open Thread

Use this thread to discuss all the non-Cal college football action this afternoon and evening.  Please use the Cal post-game thread to discuss all Cal-related action.  Thanks!  

After the jump, check out the schedule this afternoon and evening.  There are a lot of great games, including PennSt-Alabama, Oregon-Tennessee, and even Nevada-ColoradoSt.  Will all of our opponents play ColoradoSt the week before they play us?  Sure seems like it! GO BEARS!

All times are Eastern and this information can be found here.



Penn St. at Alabama   7pm
Oregon at Tennessee   7pm
Wyoming at Texas  FSN List   7pm
LSU at Vanderbilt     7pm
Syracuse at Washington   7pm
Montana St. at Washington St.
Game produced by FSN Northwest. Will air on other Washington affiliates
UL-Monroe at Arkansas

FSHouston & FSSouthwest = Check local listings
Buffalo at Baylor   7pm
McNeese St. at Missouri     7pm
NC State at UCF     7:30pm
Southern Illinois at Illinois     7:30pm
Western Kentucky at Kentucky
North Dakota St. at Northern Iowa Panther Sports
Stretch Internet
Texas Tech at New Mexico     8pm
Rutgers at Florida International
San Diego St. at New Mexico St.
College Sports Direct
UAB at SMU   8pm
Northern Colorado at Weber St. B2 Networks (FREE)   8pm
Montana at Cal-Poly   8pm
Ole Miss at Tulane
Game will start on ESPN Classic then move to ESPN2 upon conclusion of Oregon-Tennessee
Northern Arizona at Arizona St.   10pm
The Citadel at Arizona
FCS Pacific = JIP
Stanford at UCLA   10:30pm
Virginia at USC  FSN List   10:30pm
Colorado St. at Nevada     10:30pm