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Golden Nuggets: A Tale of Two Tedfords

At Monday's Bay Area Media Day, Tedford acknowledged that his high-intensity style can keep him (and his players) from enjoying the game as much as they could.  This season, Tedford pledges to loosen up, have more fun, and create a more enjoyable environment for his players.

Tedford rightfully acknowledged that his intensity can maybe go overboard at times, and that he wants to establish a culture where a little more fun is being had.

"I need to change my attitude a little bit, too — making sure that we’re having fun and we’re not stressed out every day of the year," Tedford said. "I have a tendency to get a little stressed out from time to time. I need to loosen up for the team’s sake as well."

There’s no question Tedford is intense and wound up during the season. In my three years covering the team, I’ve noticed a stark difference in his personality between in-season and offseason. He’s much more relaxed in the offseason, and he may be figuring out that he needs more of that during the season.
If Tedford really loosens up a bit this season — he said yesterday that they will be doing some new things at practice to make it more fun (without disclosing what they were) — it could have a positive effect on the team. A loose but focused team may do better in big games than that is strictly all business all of the time and may tighten up because of it.

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