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Donovan Edwards To Start At Right Tackle For UC Davis; Matt Summers-Gavin's Status Uncertain

Donovan Edwards is back in the starting lineup (via <a href="">Monica's Dad</a>).
Donovan Edwards is back in the starting lineup (via Monica's Dad).

[Updated:  Jonathan Okanes states that Summers-Gavin could play, but will not start:

OL Matt Summers-Gavin took reps at practice this morning, but Jeff Tedford says he will not start. He could be available as a backup.]

As has been postulated for a few weeks, the talented offensive lineman will miss the opening game, according to the ever reliable Moraga Bear at Bear Insider. Edwards has had plenty of experience at RT (especially in 2008 when he took and over and started the last quarter of the season there), and the versatile senior should be plenty ready for Saturday's game. Summers-Gavin will probably return for the Colorado game.

Other last interesting tidbits:

Michael Calvin moves up to the fourth wide receiver along with Jeremy Ross. He should get plenty of chances to show how far he's come from last year.

Brian Schwenke will start at left guard. Dominic Galas (who I've been told the coaches like a lot) will also see action there.

Justin Cheadle holds onto his spot at right guard. Richard Fisher will back him up.

Marc Anthony will be backed up by Steve Williams at left cornerback, so we'll have at least two newcomers trying to hold down their side of the field alongside the more experienced Darian Hagan and Bryant Nnabuife.

According to Tedford, Josh Hill has become the defensive quarterback of the backfield, which is why he currently gets the nod over Sean Cattouse. Cattouse should be playing plenty on Saturday though.